S.No Standardized Extract Sources of Extract Specifications Uses
1 Adatoda Vasaka Leaves, roots and herb of Adulsi 1% – 10% alkaloid Sports Nutrition , Anti asthamatic
2 Ashwagandha Roots of Withania Somniferra 2.5% HPLC, 5% HPLC, 2.5%(Alkaloids1%) Withanolides 1.5% by gravimetry Promotes vigor and vitality and increase endurance
3 Bamboo (silica extract powder) Maranta arundinacea 75% powder Sports Blend
4 Coleus Forskholi Root of Coleus Forskholi 10-20% forskolin Energy booster
5 Fenugreek Seeds of Trigonella Foeniculum Nlt 60% saponins Building muscle size, strength and power
6 Mucuna Pruriens Seeds of Mucuna Pruriens Nlt 60% L-dopa by HPLC Stimulant for central nervous system, sports energy
7 Safed Musli Roots of chlorophytum borivilanum 20% – 75% saponins Muscle building, general healthtonic
8 Shilajit Stone of shilajit Fulvic acid 2% – 20% Neurotonic, aphrodisiac
9 Tribulus Dried aerial parts of Tribulus Terrestris 20%, 40% & 60% Steroidal Saponins by Gravimetry Body building and aphrodisiac
10 Tulsi Leaves & herb of Ocimum Sanctum 2.5% Ursolic acid,
10-20% tannins
Anti cough and cold, antipyretic

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